Praying God’s Word for Your Child to Launch

Praying God’s Word for Your Child to Launch

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Is your child ready to step out, start something new, or enter into a new season?

Whether your child is graduating, headed to school for the first time, the last time, or any time in-between, starting a career, marriage, or family, your desire is for them to launch well. Everything you’ve done has been an effort to point them in the right direction, and set in motion the ability to make right choices, take right paths, and be righteous before God.

But there comes a time when prayer is the best action you can take. Launch your graduate into the next season well as you pray God’s powerful Word back to Him on their behalf, and remember that while there are limits to what mom can DO for their children, there are no limits to what they can pray!

In Praying God's Word for Your Child to Launch, you'll pray for God to work in your children’s hearts to:

* Believe in God's plan for their lives
* Be certain of their calling as children of God
* Live lives of praise to the God Who made them
* Submit to the pruning work of the Holy Spirit
* Choose wisdom over foolishness
* Rely on God's strength
* Help them have the desire to please God
* And more!

With biblical teaching, scripture-inspired prayers, and space to journal using our Think, Pray, Praise method of daily prayer, this digital prayer guide is perfect for the busy mom who needs God to move in the hearts of her kids.

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