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My Book of Prayer - Spring 2018

My Book of Prayer - Spring 2018

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The Spring Edition is now SOLD OUT, but you can pre-order the Summer Edition at the My Book of Prayer page!


My Book of Prayer is the space where your prayers and God's Word meet, allowing you to partner with Him as you parent your son. When they're little, boys don't know how to guard their hearts. When they're older, they sometimes forget to guard them. But in all stages of life, mom can ask God to guard her son through her prayers.
With a design that enables you to both engage the Word of God yourself, and craft handpicked verses into prayers, My Book of Prayer leads you in impacting your son's life for generations to come in just about 10 minutes a day.
Learn more at the My Book of Prayer website!
NOTE: Membership to The MOB Society's BoyRaiser Tribe is NOT included with this book bundle.