Praying God’s Word for Your Child to Have Purpose

Praying God’s Word for Your Child to Have Purpose

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Tackle the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” from a biblical perspective.

The way our children answer this common question varies wildly from day to day. From teacher, to fire-fighter, to astronaut, to juggler, we just never know what they’ll say. For young children, this question is full of promise and excitement. They can be anything they want! The sky’s the limit, and it’s fun to dream. But as our children get older, this question takes on new meaning. The excitement of endless possibilities gradually gives way to the pressure of choosing the right college, career, job, or relationship.

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” becomes stressful, almost agonizing, as young adults wrestle with major decisions that will undoubtedly affect the rest of their lives. But what if finding their purpose didn’t have to be so stressful? What if our children could know with confidence exactly what God wants them to do?

In Praying God’s Word for Your Child to Find Their Purpose, you’ll pray for God to work in your children’s hearts to:

  • Draw near to God in sincere faith
  • Be guided by the Holy Spirit
  • Learn how to love sacrificially and with intention
  • Learn to walk in God’s strength instead of their own
  • Find rest in God alone
  • Understand God’s bigger plan
  • Submit their plans to God’s
  • And more!

With biblical teaching, scripture-inspired prayers, and space to journal using our Think, Pray, Praise method of daily prayer, this digital prayer guide is perfect for the busy mom who needs God to move in the hearts of her kids.

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