Pray the Word Journal: Autumn Edition 2019 10-Book Bundle
Pray the Word Journal: Autumn Edition 2019 10-Book Bundle

Pray the Word Journal: Autumn Edition 2019 10-Book Bundle

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Activate the power of God's Word for YOUR family with this no shame, guilt free journal designed to make prayer your first and best response to the challenges of parenting.

Our newly refreshed, full color inside Autumn Edition is UNDATED, and has the same layout and flow our audience has fallen in love with, but focuses on praying through the book of Ecclesiastes.

We're calling it our "Wisdom Edition, Part II" because the book of Ecclesiastes is full of rich wisdom for finding joy in the midst of every day life.

Pray your children through their first months back to school and:

  • Gain insight into how to answer the hard questions of life...
  • Make peace with the things of God we weren't meant to understand...
  • Apply your heart to know wisdom...
  • Recognize and rejoice in the gifts of God...
  • Savor God's goodness...
  • And so much more!

From busy working moms, to stay-at-home moms with little time to themselves, brand new moms, to moms whose children are already out of their homes, Pray the Word Journal has helped all moms make prayer a practical priority.

With a design that enables you to both engage the Word of God yourself, and craft handpicked verses into prayers, Pray the Word Journal leads you in impacting your family's life for generations to come in just about 10 minutes a day. Learn more at the Pray the Word Journal website!
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